Flower arrangements are an important part of a funeral service, bringing meaning, emotional significance and a sense of serenity to the occasion.

Adding a floral theme to your funeral stationery can also help create a sense of poignancy and elegance while encapsulating your thoughts and feeling in a more visually expressive way.

However, choosing your botanical card suite often comes amidst the difficult bereavement process, when you've have little time to prepare or even gather your thoughts on everything surrounding the funeral itself... This is where Songbird Stationery come in to the picture.

To help you with those stressful decisions we've put together a guide to our best floral designs to help give you some inspiration and craft a fitting tribute in a few subtle yet essential details.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are full of delicacy and understatement. In Japanese and Buddhist culture, these tiny pink flowers represent the nature of life and death, blending fragility to beauty.

Floral Frame

The floral frame is a versatile choice that will fit in around almost any flowery centrepieces with the funeral service. The design itself uses the flowers to frame the images of your loved one or the written gesture on your 'thank you' card.

Autumn Leaves

Reflect the changing of the seasons with our autumn cards, finished off with scattering leaves and hints of fiery fall colour.

Summer Flowers

Our summer flowers suite is filled with warm colours and intricate flowers that bring a tranquillity and vibrancy to the proceedings.

Watercolour Flowers

Blending art and nature, the golden watercolour flower cards portrays creativity and heartfelt inspiration.

Country Floral

Decorated with wildflowers and a rustic colour palette, this stationery theme is perfect if you're looking for a little natural simplicity.


For a brighter theme, opt for our sunflower suite, framing your loved ones in a golden wreath of summery flowers.