Including a picture or portrait of a loved one is an essential part of any funeral or memorial stationery selection you're putting together.

Photography helps to commemorate, celebrate and reflect upon the life of your loved one recently passed in a visually significant way, helping to paint a memorable picture for your guests to appreciate over the course of the service.

Selecting the illustrative materials to accompany your Order Of Service isn't a complicated process, but there are a number of different factors you need to consider when carefully choosing your photography.

To give you a helping hand during this difficult time, Songbird Stationery have put together an easy guide to picking out and presenting your photographs.

Choose A Photograph With Personality

When looking through your photographs, opt for the portrait that shows or reflects an aspect of their personality.

Photographs are the windows into memory; so choosing one that shows your loved one in their favourite place, doing what they loved most, or simply 'being' as you remember them is a great way of evoking their life in a single shot.

Opt For The Sharpest Photo To Upload

When uploading a photo to our personalisation system, if possible use a photo file with the highest digital resolution possible to eliminate the risk of blurriness, so that your stationery prints to a professional finish. If you're unsure whether your photo is of good enough resolution, Songbird are happy to advise on quality to ensure your cards look exactly as you intended.

Consider Clarity, Framing And Composition

For the best results, we would recommend a good quality midshot of your loved one - photographed at eye-level and from the waist or shoulders up. Find a picture without a cluttered background or busy backdrop that takes the emphasis away from the main subject.

You Don't Have To Choose A Recent Photo

Remember that you do not have to choose a recent photo of your loved one. If you know they would like to be remembered with a picture from a different stage in life, it's fine to include this as the featured image.

If You Don't Have A Digital Photo, We Can Scan It

If you only have a physical copy of your chosen photograph, we will scan it professionally and send it back to you so you can complete your service stationery.

Get Creative If You Wish...

You may have a more ambitious or creative vision for portraying your loved one. For example, if you want to include a selection of assorted photos documenting your loved one during different stages of their life, we can accommodate any design to present your chosen pictures in the format you desire.