Organising a funeral, celebration of life or memorial service can be a difficult and daunting task. During a time of grieving, having to think about the responsibilities, practicalities and tasks at hand can seem overwhelming.

We’re on hand to assist in making the process as easy as possible for you. In this post we’ll outline all the key items of funeral stationery you may want to get printed before the service. You may find that the funeral director you’re using can provide some of these, but equally you may be looking to find designs which are a little more contemporary in style, representing your loved one and doing justice to this important occasion.

Funeral Announcement Cards

The first and most time sensitive thing to think about is having the funeral announcement cards printed. These cards are basically the ‘invitations’ and for some more distant friends and acquaintances, it may also serve as notification that your loved one has passed away. In a sensitive way, they detail the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased, as well as a favourite photo of them. Then the funeral announcement cards detail all the key information of the service and the wake and an optional contact or RSVP section.

Our collection of stylish and modern personalised funeral announcement cards includes traditional, floral, rustic and simple designs so there truly is something for everyone. Ideally, send out the funeral announcement cards 2-3 weeks before the date, but time doesn’t always allow for this, so in general, the more notice you’re able to give the better.

Order Of Service Booklets

Funeral order of service booklets can be ordered after the announcement cards, as you will likely need to have the order of service document approved with the officiant before printing the booklets. These will help attendees follow the service, sing along to any hymns and appreciate any readings. You can include photos on the design and choose from our carefully curated collection of order of service designs here.

Memorial Cards

Memorial cards (often called keepsake cards) are small photo cards with the name and dates of birth and death of your loved one. Sometimes a small quote, verse or poem is also included. These are usually given out at funerals or celebrations of life ceremonies, acting as a keepsake and lasting tribute to remember the person who has died. Memorial cards are typically small enough to carry in a purse, wallet or pocket.

Thank You Cards

While thanking everyone in attendance is something to aim for, during a time of grief people will understand if you’re only able to thank people who played a key role in the funeral service, or donated to the chosen charity. Ordering personalised funeral thank you cards to match your other stationery is a good idea, and this can be done at the same time as ordering the announcement cards or order of service. Browse our thank you cards here, helping to express your heartfelt gratitude after the service date has passed.

While these are the most essential items to have printed before a funeral, we are happy to assist with anything else you may need. If you would like to discuss any other ideas, do get in touch and one of our friendly customer service team will be able to help.