Funeral announcements are an important part of the communication process. Once you've made the arrangements for your funeral, you'll need to make all relatives, friends and colleagues aware as soon as you can, encapsulating the events of the day in a clear, straightforward way.

Songbird Stationery realise how difficult it can be to find the right tone and choice of words during a time of grief. That's why we've put together a special selection of our very own personalised Announcement Cards, each crafted with unique designs, customised with the wording and photographs of your choice to help capture the spirit of a loved one that has passed on.

These can easily be created online with a quantity, style and text of your choice for you to receive and send out as you wish.

Whether you're crafting your very own announcements from our card selection or you're creating your own, Songbird Stationery will give you a list of everything you need to include and how to word your funeral announcement cards in an appropriate and fitting way.

Funeral announcements can include the following:

 - Full name of the deceased

 - Funeral date, time and place 

 - Where they lived and where they worked

 - Mention surviving family

 - A photo of the deceased

For more public announcements you can mention:

 - Surviving family

 - Private or Public Funeral information - letting those know if it's a family-only service or a public affair.

 - Memorial Service information - state whether it's a memorial service only, or a funeral you're planning, followed by a memorial later on.

Writing for an announcement card doesn't have to be overly complicated. Choose a few key sentences to bring attention to the passing of a loved one and paint a picture of your day. You can take some inspiration and encouragement from these word templates we've provided here:

#1. Celebrate the life and memory of [full name], [date of birth and date of death]. The memorial service to remember [name]'s life will take place on [date, time and location].

#2. In loving memory of [name] - [date of birth and date of death]. We would be honoured to have your company at our service, remembering [name]'s life on [date, time and location].

#3. It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our loved Wife and Mother, [name] on [date]. A memorial service will be held on [date, time and location].

#4. Commemorate the life of [name]. Your presence is requested at his/her memorial service on [date, time and location].

#5. Honour the life and cherish the memory of [name]. Please join us in saying farewell to a loving husband and brother. [date, time and location].